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Red Oak Baptist Church was established in 1916. Through the wisdom of pastors, trustees, deacons, and other capable leaders, Red Oak Baptist continued to grow and expand. In 1917, work began on a new building and was completed in 1919. This building now houses our sanctuary, chapel offices, library, parlor, and classrooms. By 1923, the newly constructed church and parsonage were paid for. The dedication service was held on April 22, 1923, when the church notes were burned.















In 1963-1964, an educational building was added. This building is used primarily for children and youth. It houses children and youth classrooms, the nursery, and a kitchen.


In January 1986, the long range planning committee met with the church and recommended an addition of the church building and paving of the parking lot. In April 1986, the church voted to raise funds for the building. In October 1990, the addition was dedicated and became known as the Fellowship Hall. The Fellowship Hall was renovated in 2006 to accomodate needed classrooms. This was referred to as Phase 1 by the long range planning committee as they presented building and renovation plans for the future growth of Red Oak Baptist Church.


In January 2015, Red Oak Baptist Church completed and dedicated its Family Life Center. This was referred to as Phase 2 by the long range planning committee. The Family Life Center is a multi-purpose building with a commercial kitchen, fellowship hall, and the multi-purpose gym/meeting room. The Family Life Center houses the Student Ministry Suite, adult Sunday school class, nursery for babies and toddlers when worship gatherings are held in the FLC as well as the church offices.



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